11 November 2012

What I Wore Today.

I have never done a post like this on ANY blog I've done so I thought I'd give it a shot. I apologize in advance for the bad photographs or how I don't get a full body shot but I'm not a very experienced photographer and my tripod is my shelf so no mean comments about it, okay?

As it is getting chilly and wintery outside I thought I'd wear my headband that my lovely Gran knitted for me last year when everybody had headbands and I saw none that I liked. I'm wearing a patterned pearl button up blouse from New Look that I got for my birthday and a blended blue and black cardigan from H&M. I am also wearing black skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins but my shelf is too high to get a shot of them and nobody is at home. That is all for the moment. I'm away to take some little clips for a video I'm making :)

All photographs are taken by myself.


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    1. I know! Completely original. No other one like it in the entire world :)


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