19 November 2012

Hair Miracles

I am trying to keep up with the blogging and not begin to lag so that you all get bored so I decided to tell you about my favourite hair product ever!!! It's by VO5 and it is called Miracle Mist. It is supposed to "rescue tired, damaged fry or frizzy hair", now I wouldn't classify my hair as any of these types but it does make my hair really shiny, smooth and calm. If you can describe hair as calm?? I first tried it after my Mum bought some a while ago and I've almost finished my bottle :) I use it just after I've had a shower when I'm drying my hair, it kind of acts a detangler too. I really like the packaging as it isn't too in your face but not shying away at the back of the shelf at the same time. It is easy to hold (here is my art essay topics coming in) and the bottle is really smooth too. It is a pump spray and I like them as I don't like getting creams and stuff like that all over my hands. Anyway I thoroughly recommend it to everyone as it just makes your hair feel a lot nicer and it kind of tames it from the wind slightly. Only slightly but that is better than the lion mane look

-Maisy x

Here are some pictures so that you can find it in the shops.

All photos taken by myself. 

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