16 November 2012

My Favourite Mascara!

So when some people do their makeup, they have a 'famous' feature? For example they might always have bright red lippy? I, myself, personally like a good coating of mascara on my eyelashes!

For a long time I would buy a different mascara everytime I ran out. I found ones I hated, ones that were useless, too clumpy, too runny.. And in the end I've come to a reasonable conclusion! My TWO favourite mascaras I use are both made at an affordable price by 17!

The first mascara I use, to lengthen my lashes, is 17's 'Wild Curls' in 'Wild Black'. I've used for ages and even without using a second mascara it gives me extreme length and volume!

The second mascara I apply is also by 17 and is called 'Blow out'. I bought this one when it was promoted, and although it isn't very good for building length, when I have 'Wild Lashes' on under it, it gives huge volume!

Both mascaras are around the £7-£10 mark, and I would highly reccomend using either Wild lashes alone, or both together. You can buy them from Boots.

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  1. I love mascara,your eyelashes look amazing.





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