20 November 2012

Live An Adventure

As you may already know, Millie, Maisy and I are busy studying for prelims. Everyone is pretty caught up in getting good grades so they can go to Uni/college and then get a good job. But then it occurred to me, that that sounds boring. Sure, I am super excited about going to Uni in the future.. but is it the known or unknown of Uni which excites me?
What is there in life that brings adventure? I am not willing to fit myself into a category whereby I study, get a job, get married, have kids and allow the cycle to repeat.. The unknown mystery is the adventure that appeals to me.
Maybe I'll pursue my dream of living in California. But perhaps I'll live in India for a year instead. Maybe I'll become a Pilot? Or I'll have a go at 'making it' with my guitar.
Why should it matter?
I think all this inspiration has come about as a result of my Dad signing up for round the world sailing race. Sure he's only going to do 1, maybe 2 legs of it.. But nevertheless it is a huge ambition. Taking on something new and unfamiliar is never simple. It certainly won't be for my Dad when he is sailing from South Africa to Australia  but we learn to overcome challenges and it makes us a better person. I admire my Dad for being willing to do something that pushes you to your limits, and takes you away from routine.
So I challenge you to think about your life and to do something different from what you expected, and to always grab an opportunity with open arms when it comes about. In the mean time work as hard as you can, because your best it just as valid as anyone else's best.
Apologies for a post of cheese about life
Coco xox


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I went through the same stage when I was in sixth form - not knowing what to about University and what I want from life. I went to LA when I was 16 and ended up going back several times after that, I've ended up at Uni in London because I know it's a step to getting to the states.

    The best thing you can do is go travelling for a bit, it puts things into perspective and you figure out what and who you want to be.
    Sorry for the long and emotional comment but reading your post made me remember where I was in my life two years ago!


  2. Wow glad you enjoyed it! Thats really inspiring, thanks for sharing your unfinished story!:)
    Coco xo


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