18 November 2012

Adventure Movie

I told you lot a while ago that I was going for a walk so that I could get some clips for the film I was making, well here is the completed thing. It is just an assortment of videos that I took. It is inspired by Lana Del Rey's videos that is why it quite random. I've been very busy revising for my prelim exams coming up in like a weeks time and I keep on getting distracted by the blog so here is something you can watch to keep you busy. :)

  1. The map on my wall
  2. Outside bull ring, Ronda, Spain
  3. Switzerland
  4. Switzerland
  5. Ducks in water
  6. The Vaccines - New Year's Eve 2011 Edinburgh
  7. 4th of July fireworks, outside the Whitehouse, Washington D.C
  8. Roses
  9. Swing
  10. Row of garages
  11. Hedgerows
  12. Lane
  13. Park bandstand
  14. Roundabout
I am happy to receive all comments and criticism. ;)

All credit to Lana Del Rey for the music.
All videos taken by myself. I do not own any of the music.


  1. omg this is lovely!! wish i could put together something like this!! :)

    1. it was just a fun little activity to fill some time :D


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