24 November 2012

Dress Up #1 : The Olsen Twins

Sorry about the lack of postage going on at the moment but we three friends are very busy people. Dress up posts are going to be saved for Saturdays when I can focus on different filmstars/models/singer/anybody-else-who-is-famous's style and give suggestions on how to get clothes like theirs. I decided to do a post a bit like the Lana one I did a couple of weeks back. The Olsen twins (Mary-Kate & Ashley) are the newest icons for the Undecidables. Technically, they aren't new because they have been around for YEAAAAAARS but I decided that maybe we should take a closer look at the style of the child stars. (Two of a Kind is still on the TV by the way!) The twins are slightly like Karl Lagerfeld in the sense that you hardly ever see them without the huge pair of shades covering their faces. When i see pictures of them I get a sort of bohemian chic/ stylish city woman vibe. This is due to the fact that nearly every single photograph i see them in they are wearing black and white or grey or another dull colour. Although sometimes you do get the odd splash of colour from a hat, scarf or a pair of shoes. Anyway.... If you want to dress like Mary-Kate & Ashley then I picked a few pieces that I think match their style. 

Happy dress up!!

-Maisy x

Olsen Dress Up

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