24 February 2013

WISHLIST: Feburary 2013

1: Giraffe Onesie (Buy Here) - I never owned a onesie and I've been eyeing on this one for ages which I hope I will get one this month. It look so cute and cosy to wear on a lousy day.

2: La Lune T-Shirt (Buy Here) - So lately, I've been obsessed with moons and graphic t-shirt. As soon as I saw this on the website, I fell in love with that top!

3: Eye Cream (Buy Here) - I've heard a lot of reviews about how good it is and I would love to try one in ages. They eye cream will make your eyes look more awake which is good for me because every time I look sleepy and tired.

4: Hat (Buy Here) - I'm really obsessed with hats lately. I love the colour but I'm not sure it will suit me but I really want to buy it for some strange reasons.

5: Models Own Set (Buy Here) - Since spring and summer are coming up, the colours of the nail polish will suit the seasons and the colours makes me happy so, every time I will paint it on my nails will make me smile or happy everyday.

Faye (Millie) x

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  1. OMG I loooove the onezee!!! I hade the la luna shirt in on my wishlist on my blog as well :D really enjoy reading your blog! if got a new post today, maybe you wanna check it out? http://ahellofalot.blogspot.de/
    looking forward for a new post :)
    anna xx


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