20 February 2013

Spring Cycles

On the magical and mystical world of tumblr there have recently been many a picture of girls cycling on their totally retro bikes. I personally am envious of them all because my mum and I share our bike and it isn't set for my height so I feel like a hunchback. I wanted one for my birthday a couple of years ago but apparently it wasn't the best idea so I was told I should "think of something else"... I really do like cycling and it is a very good thing to do. Very healthy. I don't know what part of your body it does any good to but I presume it some of the muscles in your legs.?  I have included some photographs from We Heart It. Most of the bikes in the pictures are those ones that I really like. I know that one brand is called Electra Bikes but I'm unsure about the rest of them. :D sorry about that...

Peace & Love,

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