21 February 2013


My topic today is prom. In Scotland, or at least, in my school we don't have homecoming or proms. We do have a formal but that is only for the sixth years-F.Y.I the people in their last year leaving school- anyhow I am very jealous of Americans and whoever else has dances at their schools. Watching teen movies where these girls spend weeks on end picking out their perfect dresses and the perfect shoes and the perfect bag and having the perfect hairstyle and in general to have the perfect prom make me desperately want one for myself so I too can pick out all the perfect things. A night they will "never forget" is how prom is described. 
A while ago I watched this film called Prom featuring Aimee Teegarden and she plans prom all by herself after all the other members of the committee drop out and this rebel guy has to help her out. GUESS WHAT? *SHE FALLS FOR HIM!* Anyway, I really liked the film even though it was a Disney one. It did look magical, the prom I mean. The main character also had a really pretty dress... 
I also watched Pretty In Pink with my mum recently and it made me want to possess to ability to sew and make my own clothes. Molly Ringwald as the leader of the "brat-pack" took apart somebody else's prom dress and made it her own as pictured above.  I now adore 80's films and want to watch every teen movie made in the decade out there. I thought I would add a couple of photographs of prom dresses I would love to wear to my own one. Obviously I like the strapless/bright-coloured/pastel/sequiny ones. Although I wouldn't normally go for all the glitter and stuff I must admit you need a little bit of sparkle on your prom dress after all, it is a "night to remember"...

I want to make sure I fairly credit everyone for their pictures so prom poster, molly ringwald, green dress, gold dress, girls in dresses

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