12 December 2012

Dress Up #2 : Florence Welch (12/12/12)

Florence Welch Style
So for today's dress up, I decided to go for the redhead Florence Welch. I couldn't think of anybody to do it on for the past week or so, so I was inspired to do a post on the almighty Flo after I went to see her on her Ceremonials tour on Sunday. She was brilliant. Somebody started a fight and she started shouting at them and everybody started shouting her name. She didn't even wear shoes! Dress up posts are no longer just reserved for Saturdays by the way...  Anyway Florence's style is quite out there but at the same time slightly preppy (I hope she isn't offended by that). She seems to also like wearing long dresses, which I like because many people wear really short skimpy dresses and it just annoys me. I feel that Florence may have been born in the wrong decade because of the vintage look she has going on. Many of Florence's pieces are dark tones that have a brocade pattern. That was me trying to use a lot of adjectives so here is some suggestions on how to dress like Florence Welch. I do appreciate that many of the items are out of a regular person's budget(like me) but we can admire, can't we?
Florence Dress Up
Gucci wrap dress / Zipper dress / T By Alexander Wang / River Island , $40 / H&M high heels, $48 / Yves Saint Laurent leather shoulder bag / Roberto Coin cocktail ring / rag & bone leather hat / ASOS animal print sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics


  1. I love that long velvet green dress! Did you make these sets on Polyvore? If so I would love to follow you on there if you give me the link.

    -Autumn & Athena


    1. Yeah I made them on Polyvore. My account is called KindApple :)


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