6 December 2012

Where on Earth Did Millie Go?

Hey, Lovelies. It's about 19 days till Christmas, who's excited?  It's been a while since I haven't posted anything in this blog or any blog that I own, I'm sorry! Anyway, where have I been and what on earth has been going on in my not so exciting life these last few weeks?

Let me just put all of it on a bulletpoint form so it's much easier...

  • A lot of you may be aware that us 3 got such an important exams but they have more time to write a posts for you guys than me. I do apologies for that because at the first week of the exams, I have exams everyday and when I get home I always revise for the next exams I got.
  • I have to buy a gift for my dad's birthday and go out for tea to celebrate it
  • I run out of the things to talk about on this blog which some of the bloggers problem, sometimes.
  • Try to find some christmas presents then end up not buying anything because some days I find it so hard to buy things and I always think that will they like this.... what if they don't?... before buying someone a presents.
So there's my list of what could be described as excuses for not blogging. Since our exams is nearly over and there's some list of things we've planned this christmas with our friends so there will be some exciting post coming pretty soon and I'll be posting more on this blog and my other blog as well.

DISCLAIMER: I took the photo above this passage from my phone and if I put some photos that aren't mine I will put a link where I actually got it. 

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