29 October 2012

Mermaids DO Exist!

This is Hannah Fraser and this is her story.
 Hannah has loved the idea of mermaids all her life. She made her first mermaid tail when she was nine years old after seeing the film Splash with Daryl Hannah. Hannah, 36, now works as a model, actress and performer. She works with whales, dolphins, stingrays and even sharks! Hannah cold her breath underwater for up to two minutes and can swim to depths of 45 feet with any diving equipment!
Humpback whale
Mermaid Cave
Swimming with humpback whales
Hannah travels all over the globe to be filmed underwater with magnificent ocean creatures like turtles and sea lions. Hannah has been in a number of different films and photoshoots for TV and photographs.
Hannah is working with Surfers for Cetaceans and Whaleman Foundation at the moment to end the killing of whales and dolphins. She dedicates a percentage of her earnings as a real life mermaid to anti-whaling charities.

If you want to find out more about Hannah the mermaid then feel free to take a look at her website here.
If you would like to read the article where I found out about Hannah then click here

I hope you found this mermaid story as fascinating as I did,

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