30 October 2012

10 Fashion Tag Questions!

1. What is your favourite fashion style to wear?
     - I like to wear black, blue or burgundy jeans and I like peter pan collar tops or jumpers.

2. Who is/are your fashion role model?
    - I've got a few actually... here's some pictures to spice up the blog....

Millie Mackintosh

Emma Watson
Shenae Grimes

3.What do you always have on?
  - When I get home from school I always wear my pyjamas and I always wear jeans...

4.What are your favourite jeans?

   - i like New Look, H&M and Topshop jeans.

5.What are your favourite sunglasses and shoes?

   - Aviators Sunglasses but I only buy sunglasses in Primark. For shoes, would probably be Vans, Nike Vintage Blazers and moccasins. 

6.Who influenced you to make a fashion blog?

   - The people who I always watch on Youtube and I always read their blogs every time I've got nothing to do.

7.What is your favourite store?
  - New Look, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Asos, American Apparel, Forever 21, MissSelfridges, Missguided, H&M and Primark.

8.Who is your favourite fashion person on YouTube?
  - Zoe from zoella280390 , Bethany from macbarbie07 , Tess from tesschristine123 , Kate from dollybowbow and many more...

9.Heels or Flats?
   - I prefer Flats but if I am going to wear heels I would prefer wedges. I am type of girl who wear something more comfortable clothes especially shoes.

10.Who is / are your favourite model?
    - I got a few... here's the pictures

Cara Delevingne 
Miranda Kerr

If you find this Tag Questions interesting and you could try to do it for your blog, why not try it? It is actually so fun to do I might say. If you want me to check your blog or want some request of things to talk about on our blog please don't be shy to comment on our blog and soon one of your request will be up on our blog and might give you a shout out.

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