19 September 2013


For the last fortnight, I've spent all my spare moments pouring over photos from the New York and London Fashion weeks. In all honesty, in previous years, Fashion Week had never interested me. High Fashion didn't particularly inspire me. I didn't understand it. However, as I have become older, and grown more of a love for Fashion, my attitude has changed.

Now, I have no real knowledge of fashion week. But I get the impression that it means something different to everybody. Personally, I LOVE looking at the makeup from each show; seeing the overall look, the finish of the models skin, how dramatic the eyes are, the crazy trend happening- take note of lipgloss on your eyelids gals, it's appaz happening. Although I doubt you'll be seeing the girls in town sporting glossy lids... So I thought I'd compile a post with some of my favourite looks from the fortnight.

Topshop Unique 
 Probably my favourite, I loved the laid back, grungey eye makeup

Christopher Shannon by John Vial 
not makeup, but check the hair out!

Henry Holland 
I loved the complexion of the models skin paired with the bright lip

Sister by Sibling 
I loved how the skin was kept simple and dewy, with bold eyeliner.

Marc Jacobs
I loved the spidery lashes, and the defined blue eyeliner- make up which is focused on the eyes with big lashes is always a winner with me. 

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